My Secret Family Recipes Are Finally Revealed in this Beautiful Digital Cookbook

Are you tired of the same old recipes? Are you needing to spice up your kitchen with amazing dishes that your family will love? Do you need simple ideas that will be easy on the budget?

After years of being asked by my faithful readers to produce a cookbook, I am finally revealing some of my favorite family recipes. These recipes have been developed and refined over the last decade with the criteria of taste, time and budget in mind. This is my secret stash that I am now giving to you!

How I Cooked This All Up...

My story with cooking wasn't always so pleasant. Frankly, my start at cooking was quite pitiful. 

I used to think that cooking was unwrapping a frozen Costco lasagna and heating it up. I could make eggs and a box of mac and cheese when we first got married, but beyond that, I was lost....sigh. Sometimes I would get ambitious and try a recipe, only to have it completely fail for my lack of knowledge.

But God began to do a work in me when my husband offered to buy me cooking lessons. I wasn’t offended. I truly wanted to be a better cook. After a horrible spinach casserole incident that made us both poop green for 3 days (sorry if that is TMI!), I knew it was time for an intervention! Once I finished several months of basic cooking lessons, I made it my goal to try one new recipe a week. That was more than 11 years ago!

Slowly but surely I began building a repertoire of delicious recipes that weren’t crazy hard. After a year or two, I had plenty of go-to recipes that I could always depend on. I started branching out. I started watching cooking shows. I subscribed to three different cooking magazines. Ever so slightly God was nudging me out of my comfort zone.

Fast forward several years and I am described as a fantastic cook by those who have tried my food. I figured that some other moms may be in the same predicament as me and could benefit from easy but delicious meals. Essentially, that is why I started my blog! I wanted to share what I had learned to help the next person in line.

But can I tell you a secret? I have been holding out!

I have purposely been saving some of my favorite recipes in hopes of creating a cookbook. I have always wanted to write a book of my own, so it is a little bit of a dream come true! I have been working diligently for the past decade, creating and making these recipes over and over so that I can get them just right. After all the cooking, taking pictures, writing, editing, and computer program learning, the cookbook is finally done!

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The truth is, far too many cookbooks promise to give you delicious taste, short cook times, and cheap meals. The reality is they fall short of their promises. The recipes are either expensive, complicated, or just unappetizing. We start out with high expectations but in the end we are just left with a poor taste in our mouth. Yuck!

Hey, I have been sucked into buying bad cookbooks as well. I know the feeling of spending my hard earned money to be sorely disappointed in the end.

This is what motivated me to make Simply Delicious. I wanted to give a solution to hard working people who wanted deliciously simple meals on a budget.

OTHER Cookbooks

  • Recipes Are Too Expensive 
  • Meals Take Too Long To Make
  • Dishes Are Lacking in Flavor

What You Can Expect From Simply Delicious...

Simply Delicious is 60+ pages of beautiful pictures, comprehensive recipes, and meal prep details. With 30 recipes in the digital book you are sure to find the next hit at your family dinner.

Benefits of Simply Delicious

  • 30 Recipes Perfected Over A Decade In My Kitchen
  • 60+ Comprehensive Pages of Pictures, Recipes, and Instructions
  • 8 Delicious Categories of Food (Italian, Asian, American, Mexican, Salads, Healthy, Soup, & Dessert)
  • 19 Recipes That Can Be Prepared in 30 Minutes or Less!
  • ...And Much More!

Some Common Asked Questions....

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What Customers are Saying...

The vibrant colorful photos and delicious detailed family friendly recipes make Heidi's cookbook a staple for every kitchen

  -Kelsey Beanblossom

Finally the perfect cookbook! Easy to follow directions, beautiful illustrations to go along with every mouth-watering recipe, and easy ingredients you can get at grocery store. This busy mom knows how to keep it simple.

 -Laura Graner

I love the variety of entrees offered in this collection, there is so much to chose from with no repeated dishes. 

 -Tonya Hobbs

Whats neat about these quotes is that they come from 3 people in completely different times of their life. One is a stay at home mom to 4 babies, one is a working mom with kids in high school, and another's children are grown and out of the house. This just shows you that all stages of life can benefit from my Simply Delicious Cookbook!

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If for any reason, within the first 7 days of purchase, you do not enjoy this digital cookbook just let me know and I will give you a 100% refund. That is my satisfaction guarantee to you!