Have a Blessed Good Friday & Resurrection Sunday


Happy Easter

As we enter the most holy weekend of remembering Christ’s death and resurrection this Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, I pray a special blessing on you and your families:

As you sit around the table with your family and friends, it is my prayer that you will experience the deep love of the Lord and the overflowing joy of a thankful heart. I pray that as you look at the blossoming flowers of spring that you will experience new life: the freedom from sin through the forgiveness of Jesus Christ. And as you fill your tummies with delicious food and drink, I pray you will be filled with the peace that comes from the understanding of God’s sovereignty over all life’s events…even your very own.

I hope you are able to look around and see all of the blessings in your life, even if loved ones have passed, your body is in pain, friends have moved away, or you are tired of dealing with stressful situations and people. I pray you will be faithful in the obstacles to come and that you will look to the Lord for comfort and direction. Most of all, I hope that this weekend is a time of remembrance and renewal. Remembrance that Christ has saved you from your sins, has given you the power to say “no” to sinful things, and that He desires an intimate relationship with you. Renewal in that you are invigorated to continue serving, obeying, and honoring God in your daily life because you see how very much He loves you!

Have a blessed Easter my friends and happy cooking!


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